Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quote from a new guy

At work we've got a relatively new developer, call him Rob, who has been working on a Postgres database for about a month now. The other day, Rob groaned in frustration:

"I've worked with Oracle for nine years, and only in the last year did I find a few things I had to work around. I've been working with Postgres for one month, and I've already had to write more workarounds."

Rob said this after he found he could not create an array of composite types in Postgres. Tom Lane post that says you can't create such an array.

I had to smile because his complaint resonated with me. It reminded me of how I felt about a year ago when I started on Postgres. One workaround after another, or a feature that I had grown accustomed to in Oracle was nowhere to be found in Postgres. Now that I've been working with Postgres for a good year I can appreciate that it is a pretty damn good open source database. I'll write more about what I like about Postgres another time.

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