Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New feature in Postgresql 9.0

Finally getting to use Postgres 9.0. This very simple feature alone makes me want to cry tears of joy. :)


(You can replace "TABLES" with "FUNCTIONS" or "SEQUENCES", and of course the inverse, REVOKE, is available.)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Brief chat with a buddy about MySQL index size limitation

(2:44:19 PM) Buddy: so many hacks in mysql :) like, you can't use functions as a default value for a column unless that function is called CURRENT_TIMESTAMP which is a single exception
(2:44:59 PM) Me: ug :)
(2:45:59 PM) Buddy: index lengths are a major limit..I've been creating columns with the value of unhex(sha1(value)) and creating my unique indexes on that
(2:46:57 PM) Me: what's that expression?
(2:47:11 PM) Me: i think i have an idea... :)
(2:47:19 PM) Buddy: returns a 20 byte binary sha1 hash
(2:47:25 PM) Me: yeah..bleh :)
(2:48:59 PM) Me: i guess that's just for enforcing the uniqueness? Or would you look up by that too? (thus you have to remember to call unhex(...)) :)
(2:49:33 PM) Buddy: if I wanted to lookup using that index, then it would be lookup too
(2:49:47 PM) Me: yeah
(2:49:59 PM) Buddy: so my queries are like select value from table where valuesha1=unhex(sha1(thingIwant));
(2:50:14 PM) Me: bleh :)
(2:54:09 PM) Buddy: as long as your index is less then 767 bytes yer ok :)
(2:54:32 PM) Me: what are you indexing on that's bigger? you might have told me before...
(2:54:57 PM) Buddy: URLs :)
(2:55:00 PM) Me: ahh